The Circle of the Mountain Fire

A Correllian study group for Colorado Springs, Colorado

Merry Meet and welcome to  the Circle of the Mountain Fire!

So, what is this Circle of the Mountain Fire?

The Circle of the Mountain Fire is a Witan shrine within the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca ( to allow people to practice Correllian Wicca in an actual and real-time, face-to-face environment. Whitchschool does offer the classes for free for the First Degree and it does offer a library of Pagan and "witchey" literature, as well as a chat area. The Circle of the Mountain Fire builds on this by offering real-time cooperation and mutual support among people. wish to study for the Correllian First Degree in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the Circle of the Mountain Fire is intended to serve as a physical base for Correllian ritual work and study. The Circle of the Mountain Fire will provide a physical environment for people to practice the "practical application" of Correllian Wicca in a group setting and for people as individuals.

The Meaning of "Correllian Wicca"