The Circle of the Mountain Fire

A Correllian study group for Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Eight Sabbats

As Correllians, we observe and honor the traditional Eight Sabbats of Wicca. These Sabbats, holidays, or holy days are:

  • Yule or Winter Solstice

    • Approximately December 21

  • Imbolg

    • February 1

  • Ostara

    • Approximately March 20

  • Beltane

    • May 1

  • Litha

    • Aproximately June 21

  • Lammas

    • Approximately July 31

  • Mabon

    • Approximately September 20

  • Samhain

    • October 31

As we are located in Colorado, we observe these Sabbats on or around the traditional dates used in the Northern Hemisphere. We perform rituals on each of these Sabbats (but no magic spells) to help keep us in tune with Nature and to reflect on the history of our peoples as they, too celebrated, lived, and died on this world and their own connection with the Wheel of the Year.

Additionally, we also observe and work on the twelve esbats of the year and the on the "blue moon". Finally, we are ready and willing to explore and celebrate the spiritual meanings of the holidays of various other religious paths to see how they, too, work to keep us attuned with the world's natural rhythms!