The Circle of the Mountain Fire

A Correllian study group for Colorado Springs, Colorado

What Happens When We Die?

When we die, the first thing that is definite is that we experience the lack of the Judeo-Christian concept of either heaven or hell. We know this because of accounts from people who have had Near Death Experiences.

1.     Our spirit leaves our body

2.     Our spirit, depending on our state of mind at the moment of our death,

a.     Either crosses to the Otherside or

                                          i.    This is the more common event

b.    Lingers near our empty shell of a body

                                          i.    Spirits that linger near their bodies may find themselves confused

                                         ii.    This confusion, this denial of one’s own death, can prevent or  delay a spirit from crossing over to the Otherside

1.     A spirit that has not crossed over, that is still lingering, is called a World Walker

3.     The spirit encounters a gateway to the Otherside

a.     This gateway is often described

                                          i.    Most commonly

1.     A doorway that emits very bright white or bluish white light

                                         ii.    Not as common

1.     A river

a.     More common in older times

                                                                                          i.    Greek

1.     River Styx

                                                                                         ii.    Judeo-Christian

1.     River Jordan

4.     The spirit is then greeted by other spirits on the Otherside

a.     Loved ones

b.    Spirit Guides

5.     Spirit is brought to Deity

a.     A Being of Light

6.     The Deity offers a mirror to the spirit

a.     This mirror displays all of the events of the spirit’s past physical life

                                          i.    It is not a passive viewing

1.     The spirit feels the emotions connected with these events

                                         ii.    The spirit is able to evaluate its former physical life

1.     Did the spirit accomplish its goals that it set forth for itself for that incarnation?

a.     Notice that the spirit is the one evaluating its former physical life and not Deity

                                                                                          i.    “Judgment Day” is our own day to judge our lives and accomplishments in relationship to what we had planned before this last life

7.     Spirit rejoins its loved one and Spirit Guides

8.     Spirit may choose to become a Spirit Guide in its own right to help other spirits

a.     In the Book Religions, Spirit Guides are also called Guardian Angels

9.     Spirit may choose to be born again into the physical world to work on new lessons

10.  Some of these events may also be glimpsed by people who have not died, such as though trance

"When All Is Said And Done"